Executive Coaching

This executive coaching is not part of non profit. But the results will be guaranteed only if you follow the instructions and exercises given. Take my words no one in this world could you feel confidence without doing some exercises and homework given. Many of you would have issues with making commitment for doing exercises but don’t worry at all. I will takecare of your procrastination. Your success is mine.


Who should attend:  Age : 15 – 40

If you are someone who lacks confidence in school, amongst your friends, in your office, at home to speak with people, to convey your message, to impress upon someone, than this coaching program is the right one for you.


How the Coaching will help you:


–          Identify and be aware whats holding you back

–          Implement the secret formula of your physiology to instantly change your state from depress to confident

–          Learn the technique of handling different situation in future and never lose your confidence.

–          Learn to respect your identity

–          Improve your self-image


If you are interested you may require 10 sessions to over come your fear and feel free to be yourself.

Cost: 300 $ per session

please note each session may last upto 2 hours to 4

register your interest by filling in your information below


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