a name sake NGO

What is the purpose of creating and running an NGO? Many non-profit organization claim to provide employment for skilled labor in Pakistan. There are many NGO’s in Pakistan especially those who have projects related to Stitching, Garments and other Skilled labor, who claim to provide employment to underprivileged and en-employed citizens, but on the other hand, the salaries they provide is so less that their claim remains invalid or useless.

this is the place where these low income labors live

My mother runs a boutique, her Tailor earns around 25,000 Pak rupees plus daily food, whereas those skilled workers who work for NGO’s earns only about 5000.00 rupees. I am failed to understand, how a person can live with 5000 rupees which is just about $55 a month. These NGO’s who claim to provide employment should realize how painful and how difficult it would be for those earning 5000 rupees a month. They need to change their policy. They need to raise their salaries atleast 25000 rupees per skilled labor. So they can feed good food to their children. These labor usually have more than 3 kids to feed. I believe still it would be difficult to manage schooling for their kidz with 25000 rupees. But atleast they live manage to live in a proper housing, having atleast 2 bed rooms for their family and eat good.

their children doesn’t go school. only option for them is to attend government schools where there are no teachers. of if teachers are available, they are being tortured by teachers. So these young kidz, I met them under the bridge and found them collecting debris so they can sell and earn some money to take them back home for their family.