Heaven on Earth

‘Heaven on Earth’ is the purpose of my life. I have dedicated my entire life for the cause. Thanks to my days of depression (2009 -2011), when I had nothing to do in life except planning, thinking and day dreaming. Lucky I were that I had those days in life which made me realize that I have something to work for. Thanks to those bad days that today I am a World Champion.

I have always regretted that why were I so careless about ‘she chachi’. ‘She Chachi’ was a shemale (eunuch) living in my neighbor when I were around 3 to 4 years of age. Till today, I still remember the love I have received from him. I also remember the words of humiliation people use to convey him as well as feed my mind. I still remember, that I Stole something from his dressing table when he was not around in his room, taking it home, and then silently placing it back to his dressing table. I remember, he brought sweets (methai) at my home when I got my exam report and I were ranking 1st.  I can never forget his love for me and I might never be able to repay for his care and affection.

When I returned from Malaysia in 2006, I requested my parents to help me find ‘she Chachi’ because I cant forget him and his memories are still very fresh in my mind. We asked every neighbor of those early years, but no one could help. Finally in 2010 during my depression I conceived an idea of ‘Heaven on Earth’

2011 was a year of learning for me. I conceived an idea, which was a dream about Eunuch’s. We all dream about ourselves having BMW, I dream about Aston Martin 2012 Golden color, you might be dreaming even better than Aston Martin, a 5 acre modern house. Parents dream for their kids, kids dream for luxury, luxury dreams for brands and brands dream for huge profits. Unfortunately, we never dream about others.

‘Heaven on Earth’ is my dream about Eunuch’s in Pakistan. They are also known as ‘khuaja Saras’ in Urdu language. The brutal reality is that they have never ever been accepted as part of society. They have never been considered as a Human Being although they are equally divine as we all are. In many cases, they are being given to their Community Guru’s just after few days of birth to avoid shame, scandal and humiliation by their parents to let them bear the same for the rest of their life.

Since the very young age, the gurus use them for dance and prostitution with the gift of HIV and non literacy. Never ever in my life, I have experienced, observed or heard that Khuaja saras are attending schools.

There are many in Pakistan who believes that if they get the prayers from ‘Khuaja Sara’ they will surly receive the fruit. They pay 20 rupees; some even 5 rupees and ask them to pray. But they don’t need this 20 rupees. They need respect. They need to be accepted as part of our society. They never choose to be cross gender. They were blessed for a purpose.

For God sake Pakistanis

For God sake the entire World

Give your ears to them. They need to be heard. They need their rights. They are human too. They are Muslims too. They are Hindu’s too. They are Christians too

Whether you listen or not, whether you care or not, I will, I will, I Will

I will build a beautiful rehabilitation center which would be true reflection of a palace of heaven on earth  for Eunuch’s in Pakistan to provide better health, to provide education, to provide a safe working conditions for their living.

PS: I would like to thank ‘Anthony Magro’ for motivating me to write it by today and have the voice heard for ‘Heaven on Earth’