Would you marry a Guy who doesnt like you talking with other Guys

Thank you for taking time out to participate in a survey. As this will form a basis of my new article.



23 thoughts on “Would you marry a Guy who doesnt like you talking with other Guys

      • Some years ago, a friend introduced me to a business friend of his—a very lovely man with perfect manners and an immaculate home.

        His home was perfectly decorated as if it were ready for a Traditional Home magazine photo shoot. Even the insides of each and every one of his drawers were perfectly organized without as much as a paperclip out of place.

        We really enjoyed getting to know each other. However, as time went on, I became very aware of his serious workaholic tendencies. Red flags began popping up for me.

        As our time together went on, I noticed he had no personal friends to introduce me to or share fun times with. I shared many of my friends and family with him, but he had no friends with whom to reciprocate. Business had been the only focus in life.

        Friends bring richness to life; his having none made me know he was too one-dimensional for me. I knew he would not be my Forever Love, and our relationship ended.

      • Dear Marciaok, Thank you for sharing your story with me and all other readers. I am very glad that you were aware of your own needs. As to what will work for you and what will not work for you. And that you realize this in early stages before you make any commitment or being hurt at the later stage.

        I wish you great life.

      • Jennifer, I was so happy to participate in your survey. I look forward to your article. Please send to me.

        I am hosting an on-line book launch party on September 25. I’d like to invite you to participate and to promote your work during my book launch. Are you interested? If so, I’d like to exchange email addresses so I can give you all the details.
        Have a blessed and happy weekend,
        Marcia Reece

    • Dear Reader, I really appriciate your feedback. It counts a lot. Thank you for sharing this blog with your friends. If I can be of value for anyone in this world, I would never refrain.

  1. Great topic, if you and another enter into a relationship in which you both become exclusive to each other, there are certain elements of the relationship that will need to evolve in order to insure success of the relationship. Our personal experience went something like this, We dated for a time and got to really like each other, one day my wife asked me if I minded if she had other guy friends, in turn I asked if she minded if I other girlfriends. She responded, by saying she would prefer that I not have other girlfriends, so we do have relationships with the opposite sex. We really liked and respected each other and we both have friends of the same sex. We have been married for over 14 years now. We both have acquaintances of the opposite sex through work, kids, and social life. We enjoy each other the most of the time and nobody will stand in the way of that with the mutual respect we have for each other and that’s why they call it a marriage. It’s not only finding the right person that makes a great relationship it’s also being the right partner.

    • Dear Seana, I am glad to shared your experience with me and all other readers. Tommorow I am publishing my Blog rearding the same issue. Hope you will enjoy reading. I look forward for your feedback and comments.

      Jennifer Ali

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