Kick your Depression in 30 minutes

Being a Founder of Suicide prevention in Pakistan, everyday I deal with someone going through a period of depression. Some who contact me have not seen any counselor or psychologist in 10 years. They have so much within themselves which they are holding. Miserably, in return they are being hold and stuck in life.

I understand it is highly important from counseling and therapy point of view to identify reasons and know the story. Also I am not going to say anything about which therapy will bring you fastest results. As I believe, there are many ways to do one thing. And there is no one particular way to do things. I myself have done certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming and I am a Reiki Master. Infact I specialize in healing Migraine through Reiki.  Not a single client as of today who couldn’t feel better instantly. I am very Thankful to God for this blessing upon me.

However, as a practitioner I have learn a common behavior of people going through depression or suicide tendencies. Today I will only discuss three of these common behaviors and one solution that will SKY rocket your results of consultation.

The three common behavior includes:

1:      No Social Life, they are mostly cut-off from social gathering

2:      Low Energy, although they are talented, but the big fat elephant of ‘WILL’ inside them, is so  huge, it becomes so heavy over the period of time, that they cant carry it anymore.  So they let it sit down all the time instead.

3:      Do not want to do anything and mostly lying in bed or sleeping

Before I move on the solution, I would highly recommend preparing your Coachee or Client  for the change. I usually do this by helping them understand a very simple fact that we have all learnt is we need different results, we need to do something different or else we will keep getting same results. Believe me, I get so many objections which you could imagine. My Coachee will say clearly I am not ready to do anything. But helping them understand the simple fact I just mentioned above, has helped me a lot. and I firmly believe it will help you as well.

In my practice I have very successful to uplift the energy in just 30 minutes by involving them in some physical sports such as Cricket, Football, Badminton etc. But please do not involve them with Luddo, Chase, etc. These passive games will not help in 30 minutes.


Physical games will help them relief all negative energy while instantly uplifting their will power and energy level. Try this yourself and do let me know how it goes.

If you are personally dealing with depression or suicide feeling, take my challenge. Do let me know how these 30 minutes helped you. And I promise if you let me know, I will feature you on Social Media all at my cost.



6 thoughts on “Kick your Depression in 30 minutes

    • My Dearest Reader, thank you for dropping by everyday. I highly enjoy reading your messages and feedback. It is my highest desire to help people to overcome depression and adversity.

      I would be interested to know if you implemented any of my TIP and how did it helped you.

      With Love
      Jennifer Ali

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