Today I am not gonna share one but two Speaking opportunities with my readers, fan’s, friends and followers. And I hope I will bring some smile on your face. Once you are done with browsing do write me in comments to let me know how you feel about sharing these great opportunities with you. are you interested in more? Am I helping you in anyways? What more you like me to share about? šŸ™‚

Lets talk about NeoCon and who they are and what areas of Speaking they are looking for. NeoCon is a leader in trade show development, management and production. This is a great news as that means Speaker from wide range of topics can forward their proposals.

It time for me to disclose who can forward their proposals and who could not. The wide range which NeoCon is looking includes, Sales & Marketing, Environmental Design, Facilities Management, Health Care, Hotels, Professional Development, Retail and many many more. I suggest to please visit their website for more details on areas. Trust me there are lot more than this I mentioned.

Don’t forget to let me know of your progress. As a Leadership Coach I am always interested in your success. Your success will make the most happiest.

Lots of Luck and wishes with the link of NeoCon

With Love

Jennifer Ali


One thought on “NeoCon

  1. Thank you Jennifer for the information. As a Coach and Speaker, I am always on the hunt for new opportunities and leads. Do you have an opt-in, so I can just receive your opportunities in my inbox?

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