38 Degrees Centigrade

Today when I am in London, i realize how much I use to hate sunlight and its heat when it use to touch my skin, sweat me, irritated me with itching. I never liked it. I hated it so much, that I choose to stay home upon going out for work or leisure.

During my training in Gloucestershire on Leadership, I started to crave for heat and sunlight, when I first experience 7 degree centigrade. I started to shiver and wanted to stay in, upon going out.

This makes me start speaking like Wilson Luna, mMmmmm, AaaAahhh, Interesting 🙂

Interesting Isn;t?? When I were in Pakistan, I use to hate sunlight and heat. When I came to UK, I started to crave. I craved for what I hated the most. I started to enjoy heat and sunlight when it touched my skin. I liked it and wanted to penetrate it more and more to the cell level.

Why am i writing this bullshit is to make the point to help you understand that external factor affects the way one feels. When you change external factor, you can change how you feel and likewise when you change internal feelings, you experience different external factors.

You must have learn basic rule of mathematics of :
if a = b
then b=a

so if external factor = internal factor
then internal factor = external factor

Its a very important lesson which all of us needs to learn and understand to take charge of emotions and life. learning to do so will resolve 100% of your problems and issues.

if you feel sad, because of whatever reason, if you feel bad for whatever reason, its not because of your reason, but rather because of what you feel. If you are Poor and have no money, having no money is a result. Results are external and external is equals to internal. So if you are sad, because you have no money. They both equates each other. If you want to have abundance, you have to create an equal equation.

Believe me your life will change.


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