Are You Still Longing

Have you ever find yourself being stuck, suffering and waiting long for your dreams and desires to come alive. Yesterday my Coach ‘Sabine heineman’ from Netherlands pointed its always the case with me. I never get my desires fulfill easily or without waiting. And that longing creates desperation and suffering. Not only that but pain and anxiety. I loose the peace of my mind. And it seems as If I am rushing and running after things.

I were curious to know the reasons behind. Why is it happening to me? I am sure it must have happened to you as well. And I just can’t get rid of this no matter how hard I try. My reason to write this article is because I truly can feel what you would be going through. Because I have gone through the same. I can feel your mind and body being exhausted running for things. Your mind secretly telling you to rush for things as if the clearance sale will finish soon and there won’t be anymore good commodities at the cheapest prize. So hurry…. Here I am referring to your success and to your goals for the day and for your bigger goals. Isn’t what your mind tells you all the time. Get success quickly. Get things you desire quickly. The more you rush, the more you suffer. Because rush creates panic and anxiety and you loose your power to manifest your desires.

More importantly I realize, that most of us have installed a wrong pattern in our subconscious mind. Remember, subconscious is subconscious, it learns from your action and behavior and every time you take action or reaction its being recorded in your subconscious mind without you being aware of it. I needed answer to my quest that why am I suffering. What is making me suffer. What am I creating that is causing me to suffer? Few moments later, the moment of ‘Aha’. My divine intuitive guide blessed me with insights of what is being done here. Just like me many of you have created a pattern of suffering before you get something. That’s about it. Since all patterns belong to your subconscious mind, everytime you make efforts to achieve something, your old pattern revokes and creates the same situation around. That makes me suffer and you are left with longing and crave.

At this point in time when you know what’s bugging you, what would you do? I recommend be thankful to God. Many of you might disagree, some may laugh and ridicule and other might want to slap me. Oh Gosh, I am suffering and longing, what’s the point in being thankful. There isn’t anything good about it. Fortunately, awareness is the best part. if you weren’t aware, you would still be suffering. Now that you are blessed with awareness, the first thing I recommend all my readers, clients and friends is to be thankful to God.

Out of this 3 step formula to kill your longing and craving pattern, I have already shared the first and the fundamental concept necessary for your well being and manifestation. The next 2 steps is the secrete process that I share with my Coaching Clients and Seminars. I warmly welcome you to schedule your time and be a manifesting magnet forever.


One thought on “Are You Still Longing

  1. I admire you for tackling this subject with such sensitivity. Few speakers have the emotional restraint and intelligence to constructively moderate a discussion with an audience about this topic. I hope you keep pursuing this and developing your resources for people.

    Krista J.
    public speaking workbook and seminar designer

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