from Jobless to World Champion

How many of you are afraid of leaving a job that you hate the most. I were afraid too, and parents were the same as yours. They did not wanted me to leave the job and sit at home for self study and self learning. It was June 2010, when I decided to leave my job from MCB. I worked there for 2 years and I died everyday working there. I hated it so much. I were frustated. I spoke with the management people quite some times on the issues but everyone was so occupied with their personal issues that no buddy wanted to think about how to improve the system in Bank. How to utilize my skills, my talents to create a wow effect for customers.

I were persistant, that i do not want to continue with banking anymore. That was not an easy decision for me, specially to convence my dad and mom, my brothers and other relatives. Somewhere deep inside, I too were not sure, what will I do after leaving my job. I realize, its going to be great trouble for me. I will have no money in hand now. I already have lost my car and now no more job. However, I gave my resignation and never turned back to them.

I started self studies on Psychology and Philosophy. The first I read was “The game of life” of Florence Scovin Shinn which change my life. That book make me search for more, my thirst for reading more and more increased day by day. Back in 2011, I had some ideas, which I badly wanted to implement in Pakistan and I had no one to support me. I met with many people in Bussiness Industry, to support my cause, but no one even understood the cause and its reasons. Than finally one day an angel came to my life, because I left everything on God after trying so hard. I had a sense of failure but I accepted it. Believing, that the cause is from God and if he wants to make it happen, it will happen. That angel was a young girl from my neighbour ‘ Hina Hazrat’ as motivated and as passionate as I were when I were of her age. Lucky Hina, that she has the right direction in life, right people in life to support her. When i shared my ideas with her, she was inspired and the first time when my work and ideas were ever recognise by someone. I were really greatful that day. I didnt knew what will happen next, but my friendship with hina grew everyday. Today I am world Champion, ranking Top 4, in youth for youth challenge organised by a team from slovenia.

It was Hina, who told me about challenge future and suggested me to put my ideas on their website. Thank you God, Love you Hina.

To view my idea, please visit the following link:

“Never give up on your dreams, believe in it, and let God do the rest for you”

Jennifer Ali


14 thoughts on “from Jobless to World Champion

  1. Dear Jenifer!
    I did not know abt the whole story, the innovation, the struggle and the come back. But, I know you’re not an ordinary girl. Heartiest felicitations on your achievements. May Maula bless u more and your dreams come true!

  2. Dear Jenny apa,
    I am very sure that you have great ideas and logics in this world but the thing is that you need to channel it thru a right path. i mean you can actually do one thing which might give you ideas a better way, that trasnsfer them to the youth by teaching them and it can also be done even by giving tutions to lil groeing kids to enhance their way of thinking about this world.
    God Bless and best wishes to you for every thing you are trying….


  3. first 5 or 6 lines touch my emotion like a killer, u know why? cox I facing same situation since last 1.6 year I m doing job in Pharma as Asst HR first 6 months is was ok but after that every thing is hell for me!
    nd still confused wt to do…. every day I spend in thoughts watching Clock “yr kb bajeen ga 5 “.
    Resign may not be the solution no one advised me to resign but after reading your article I want to read tht book WHO did Change in your Life ~~.
    Can you provide me Pdf link to tht book & how you move to Slovenia?

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